Private Residence

Contract Value

Complete 2018

Being used to Georgian and Victorian architecture, our clients took a tremendous leap of faith in trusting us with a design for their new, very ‘modern’ home.

Thankfully their faith has been unswerving, and the result is a tour de force of modern detailing and a series of spaces which seem to achieve the original brief of being modern but ‘not like a car showroom’

Designing with privacy in mind, the ‘C’ shaped layout has a protective outer layer with the majority of circulation and ancillary spaces facing towards its neighbours whilst the softer more highly glazed inner courtyard elevations open up into large terraces and gardens with various places to sit and contemplate, including a Japanese tea house designed by Halliday Clark using a flash of the clients favourite colour, red.

It is very rare to have a client with the stamina and patience to live through the entire design and construction process and come out of the other side with their humour still intact.

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