Cleavesty Lane Sustainable Modern Home

East Keswick
Private Client
Contract Value

A truly modern re-interpretation of an 8,500 sq ft detached dwelling designed to a high level of sustainability and ecological consideration in East Keswick, North Yorkshire.

It is intended that the proposed building is compliant with Code 6 for Sustainable Homes and will become a template for sustainable, modern living, which minimises environmental impact yet maximises benefits to the occupier and surrounding community.

Domestic curtilage will be restricted to a certain zone, with an orchard, wildflower meadow and woodland habitat areas introduced to the site. The design maximises sustainable features such as grey water reed bed to provide natural visual interest.

The building layout is developed as two building zones linked together with a covered timber frame cloister. The larger footprint element contains the principal family accommodation and will be 2 storeys. The secondary building zone is to contain the home office, principal plant, cycle storage and garage with an electric charging point, this will be single storey.

Internally the design maximizes the use of natural daylight, reducing energy costs for artificial lighting and heating loads, using key areas of glazing as heat sinks. Within the dwelling a series of volumes and spaces flow into each other. Minimising doors, but using slight changes in level, single and double height voids, internal balconies and other established design mechanisms, the dwelling will achieve a flexibility which will satisfy Lifetime Homes’ criteria and support a growing family as their needs change.

The site is surrounded by an open rural landscape, interspersed with residential settlements, providing an ‘inhabited’ rural character to the immediate area.


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