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Do I Need a Chartered Architect? A Step by Step Guide

Most of us have seen Grand Designs on channel 4 where an Architect is rarely seen or heard and commonly the project goes into freefall with costs and timescales spiralling out of control. Well, there is a good reason for this. Self-builders who are on a tight budget often think that using an Architect is an expensive exercise and question “Why do I need an Architect, I’m sure that I could design and project manage the project myself, how hard can it be?” Well, the answer is that it is much harder than you think and there is very good… Read more

How to Become an Architect in the UK

Many people will be wanting to know some of the ways in which it is possible to become an architect here in the UK. Those still at school will be looking to find the best route into a subject they have developed an awareness and interest for, whilst perhaps enjoying a variety of creative and academic subjects at GCSE and A Level. Following successful completion of A Level education, the most commonly accepted route into architecture can be outlined in the following steps. Step one – Undergraduate Degree You need to study an undergraduate degree from a Royal Institute of… Read more

What Does an Architect Do?

For many clients, a building project is a once in a lifetime activity, which may mean that very little is known about what an architect does and why it is important to appoint one for a building project. This guide is aimed at helping explain what architects do, and what services they can offer.   Whatever your project, professionals can act on your behalf from the initial stages to the completion of your building project, whether it be;  residential, educational, industrial, or commercial a traditional or contemporary new building  maintenance, upgrading, alterations or an extension to an existing building large or… Read more

How Much Do Architects Charge: A Guide to Architects Fees

How do Architects charge for their work?  There are three ways in which Architects can calculate their fees; a percentage of a total project cost, a fixed price lump sum or on a time charge basis. How much or how little you commission an architect is up to you. Because there are clear stages it is easy to have clarity on how much involvement you want from them.   Percentage basis:  In this method, an architect’s fees are expressed as a percentage of the total construction cost. Before fees can be estimated, client and architect need to establish the services to… Read more