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Public Realm & Master Planning

A nation’s architectural heritage is an important part of its identity so cultural projects are especially important to us. We want to create culturally sensitive buildings that engage with the public and provide long-term solutions for our clients.  

The public realm and master planning take a macro view of the location in question and puts the emphasis on external places that are accessible to all. These are the everyday spaces that we move through, and linger within.  These areas are so important as they affect all aspects of life from where we live, to where we work and play and involve such a wide variety of people with different needs.

We design innovative practical solutions for public realm projects. These designs are informed by the historical, cultural, and urban contexts, focusing on maintaining and enhancing a strong sense of identity and place in a useful and meaningful way. We use our expertise to balance the complexities discovered into a positive cohesive environment where communities can develop, grow & thrive.