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The education sector includes facilities for all ages and types of education. We have experience with private to state funded clients, from large campus projects to university labs and nurseries. These projects usually involve several different stakeholders, so we help to navigate the differing priorities to move forward with a cohesive design. 

Our approach to design development is collaborative, open and focused, normally through a series of engagement and design meetings. We believe there should be some element of excitement and joy within the design to help contribute towards inspiring its occupants to engage with learning.  

Particularly in schools, there are complex logistical challenges which requires us to develop a deliverable solution that is practical for everyday school life. Education has evolved over the years, with environments becoming more open and incorporating smaller teaching sessions, virtual learning, and self-teaching, as well as maintaining larger class-driven formats.  This has been reflected in educational architecture, with flexibility a core value. We bring a spirit of innovation, creativity, and educational ambition to every project we design.